The Skillipigs

The Skillipigs are an original creation by Skiltons' Artwork

A small community of Hedgehogs, living in the wilds of Britain, who spend their time collecting interesting things from around their country which in turn inspire their daily activities. From sports, to music and everything in between, The Skillipigs always manage to fill their time with fun and excitement.

Skillipig cards are available in sizes 3"x 4" / 6"x 4" / 7"x 5" with complementary, recycled envelope

The Skillipigs are currently available from;






Visit the Skillipigs on FaceBook below

If you are a business, interested in stocking Skillipigs, why not enquire about our Skillipig box.

The box provides safe transit and stylish display for 40-50 Skillipigs.

Boxes are available on request, contact


Below, is our collection of Skillipigs. Digital catalogue is available on request from

Any cards are available in the language of your choice. Just contacts us and let us know what you need.

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Our new range of Skillipig Friends (examples displayed on 6x6 cards)

no. 10 (friends)
no.1 (friends)
no.5 (friends)
no.3 (friends)
no.4 (friends)
no.9 (friends)
no.7 (friends)
no.6 (friends)
no.8 (friends)
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